Home is Tim Kubart's second full-length album and the recipient of the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Children's Album.  With sing-along choruses, joyful pop hooks, and lyrics for the ears of all ages, Tim and special guests sing about all new adventures: the kind you can find in your home and in your heart, with your friends and with your family, in the little moments we live every day. 

“Filled with hits...hits pop heights, where you think repeatedly, ‘Oh, that would be fun to hear on the radio.’"
– Zooglobble (NPR contributor)

Released: September 18, 2015
1) Last Turn Home
2) Breakfast Club (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)
3) Showtime
4) Job at the House, pt. 1
5) Biggest Brother
6) Sunday Crafternoon (feat. Drue Davis)
7) Better (feat. Laurie Berkner)
8) Job at the House, pt. 2
9) Backyard Swinging
10) Rooms
11) Halfway Down
12) Dancing in the Kitchen
13) Job at the House, pt. 3
14) Moving Day


Anthems for Adventure, released in 2013, is the first full-length album from Tim Kubart (formerly Tim and the Space Cadets).  Features the hit, "Superhero," which stayed #1 on XM Kids Radio for 6 weeks following its release.

"Superhero is the kind of song every kid's artist dreams of writing."
–Out With the Kids

Released: January 29, 2013
1) The Anthem, pt. 1
2) The Anthem, pt. 2 (feat. Mother Falcon)
3) Blast Off
4) 2nd Grade Show
5) Rainy Days
6) Big Balloons (The Parade Song)
7) The Fair
8) Superhero
9) Doubleknot
10) Blackout
11) Bumblebee
12) Endless Summer
13) Upbeat / Downbeat