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Winner of the 2016 GRAMMY AWARD for Best Children's Album, Tim Kubart's "Home" is a pop celebration of the small moments; the ones that matter most. 

"Home" is the follow-up album from Tim Kubart (host of Sprout's "Sunny Side Up," and "Tambourine Guy" from Postmodern Jukebox) and his band of Space Cadets to their full-length debut Anthems for Adventure. With sing-along choruses, joyful pop hooks, and lyrics for the ears of all ages, Tim and special guests sing about all new adventures: the kind you can find in your home and in your heart, with your friends and with your family, in the little moments we live every day.

Guests include Carly Ciarrocchi from Sprout's "Sunny Side Up," Drue Davis from "Postmodern Jukebox," and Laurie Berkner.

The artwork featured is by noted animator/illustrator Julia Pott.

If you'd like a physical copy, please email tim@timkubart.com


What people are saying about "Home"


The first music video from "Home." Tim is joined by REAL families, plus Carly Ciarrocchi from Sprout's "Sunny Side Up," and actor Kal Penn.

Tim and Chica from Sprout's "Sunny Side Up." Broadcasting from 30 Rock, Tim greets families nationwide as part of the nation's only LIVE preschool television show.

Tim and Chica from Sprout's "Sunny Side Up." Broadcasting from 30 Rock, Tim greets families nationwide as part of the nation's only LIVE preschool television show.

An acoustic video for "Better," the first song written for the album, the evening it was written.

Filled with hits...hits pop heights, where you think repeatedly, ‘Oh, that would be fun to hear on the radio.’ Bless Tim Kubart and his big pop heart.
— Zooglobble (NPR contributor)
Tim has tapped into the inner child that most of us reluctantly part with. His enthusiasm guides his vision and makes his music faithfully fun.
— MRJeff
O. M. G.

This is easily my favorite of 2015 … EASILY.
— Robert Drake, WXPN Philadelphia
Tim is almost unfairly good at writing pop hooks and filling songs with pure joy. His energy is unending and inclusive, and he’s got that direct line into kids’ brains that very few people can maintain.
— Bill Childs, KUTX Austin
— Out With the Kids
A magical collection of songs that feel as though they were written by kids disguised as adults. Kubart channels childhood expertly in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced at all. This isn’t someone singing to a kid, it’s someone truly singing as one.
— Tenor Dad
We have something we can all listen to...a fantastic message.
— Mommy Makes Time
One of the best releases of 2015. Will steal hearts big and small.
— Mama411


What people are saying about Tim

We at the Daily Dot would like to become the first card-carrying members of Tim Kubart’s fandom.
— The Daily Dot
These pop tunes have seemed to come straight from a teenager’s iPod.
— The New York Times
I just relearned something I always knew when I was young. Life is good and it always will be. What’s putting me in this mood? The imagination of Tim.
— Time Out Chicago Kids
This charmer should be the biggest star in the world.
— Kathy O'Connell, WXPN Philadelphia
— Red Tricycle
Forget everything you know about family entertainment and see Tim Kubart.
— The New York Post
Kids music has many good ambassadors....there are few I can think of who wear that suit as well and as gracefully as Tim.
— Stefan Shepherd, Zooglobble (NPR Contributor)
A first-rate entertainer for children.
— Kevin Oliver, Free Times